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superstitions September 3, 2008

Filed under: non-food — KarlaGeeAZ @ 12:36 pm

in this ladies… post the gals all discuss their sports superstitions and i got to thinking about mine. when i was in college and would go to basketball games i would always talk pre-game analysis and such with my dad from the arena on my cell. but i would never ever talk to him at halftime. he was the biggest jinx ever. he would call during the game, too, leave text messages and generally just try to get my attention but i have an ignore-my-phone policy while at live sporting events (if only to avoid him and his bad attitude towards my team). nowadays i refuse to watch games with my dad if we’re watching them on tv. he literally has to watch from another room because for whatever reason, if we’re watching it together our team loses. i just don’t like to talk about how the team is playing while the game is going on and this goes for any sport. i usually need to watch the games by myself so that nobody in the room is tempted to talk to me. i HATE answering questions during a game, plus i feel like it affects the team’s performance. these self-imposed guidelines are only for games i’m emotionally invested in. my hometown baseball and basketball teams and my alma mater football and basketball teams all rank high on my investment list.

random but fun!


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